Our Metal Lawn Chairs

May 12, 2020  •  4 Comments

How many of you have or grew up with these vintage metal chairs on your lawn?  We have had a couple for 20 years and they will never go out of style!  Loving all that is nostalgic, and always enjoying a good episode of American Pickers, we're currently on the hunt for 2 more chairs to circle our fire pit.

_DDP0759MetalChair_59 Every once in a while we have sanded them down and given them a new coat of paint.  While sanding, colors from the past are revealed, and memories are relived.  Some layers are before our time.  This chair was white when we got it, but we could see the original teal paint as the sander dug deeper.  Our first coat of paint was a dusty green, which was all the rage in the late 90s.  Over the years we found that it visually blended into the grass too much, and when it started to chip we went with a buttery yellow.  We sat on these yellow chairs and watched as the boys practiced lacrosse in the backyard, and enjoyed our new pond and pergola.  Next thing you know, we had red accents on the deck, and the chairs had to go red.  Another coat of darker red topped them off to get them ready for  Diane's parent's 60th anniversary party in 2009.  Now they've sat chipping for years, begging for some attention.  With our homebound status this is the spring to take on a project, and why buy new chairs for our fire pit when we had 2 perfectly good ones already?  So we are going back to the chairs' roots, and have found a nice vintage teal, which will be remembered as the color of the quarantine year of 2020.  We're looking forward to relaxing on the chairs around the fire pit.  And what else is there to do?

Shot with a Nikon D850 with Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8G lens

_DDP0925r_DDP0925r This and the first photo were shot with a Nikon D850 with Nikkor 105 f/2.8G micro lens


Patricia Singer(non-registered)
Your chairs are truly beautiful and tell a story with their paint layers. The finished color is gorgeous! I have 2 plain rickety versions that I plan to sand soon, but damn it looks like a TON of work.
Cathy Carrell(non-registered)
I have fond memories of metal lawn chairs! You have brought history alive! Beautiful choice of color and I love your story too!!!
Kim Williams(non-registered)
So nice to receive these emails. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images on this thoughtful blog.
Martha Williams(non-registered)
Wow! Look at the transformation. The chairs are beautiful.
Enjoy your time sitting around the fire pit.
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